Alaska Fishing Opportunities 

There are several local fishing rivers and creeks along the 15-mile road system and five lakes that can either be driven to or reached with a hike of one-half hour or less. Dolly Varden, Brook Trout, Cutthroat, Grayling, Rainbows, Steelhead and Salmon are available at various times of the year. Click on FISHING for more detailed information about local fishing opportunities and being on one of the best fishing shows on YouTube

Sitka is one of the charter fishing capitols of the state. With abundant fish of many species, Sitka attracts thousands of sport fishers every year from all over the world. Sitka’s charter fishing fleet allows visitors an opportunity to experience some of Alaska’s finest salmon and halibut fishing while surrounded by majestic snow-covered mountains, humpback whales, sea lions and eagles. Fly fishing charters are available on a limited basis so please call for availability. We love to support the best Youtube Fishing Shows.

If you are visiting Sitka but didn’t bring your fly fishing gear or are simply wanting to give fly fishing a try, you can rent everything you need from Fly Away Fly Shop. We have a full array of rods, reels, waders and boots available. We will offer suggestions on the best flies to use and will point you in the direction of the current hot spots for dollies, trout, salmon and other species. Rod and reel rental is $35 per day and waders are $30 per day. Combined rental is $60 a day. We rent Ross, Gunnison Tioga reels with floating fly lines. Our waders are neoprene with canvas boots. Enjoy an Alaskan fishing experience for a day, several days, or a week! Be sure to call ahead and reserve your equipment rentals to make sure they will be available upon your arrival. Deposit is required. Let us know if your are interested in prospecting for gold and we can get you set up for an experience!

For the fly fisher looking for a fishing experience in a secluded spot, Alaska cannot be beat. Southeast Alaska is comprised of inland passages meandering through forest covered islands with rivers, estuaries and lakes too numerous to count. Access to these waters is nearly always by boat or plane as the road system in Southeast Alaska is extremely limited. Forest Service cabins are available for a nominal fee and may be reserved through the National Recreation Service.

Widely acclaimed for its beauty and wildlife, Sitka has a thriving tourist industry. Travelers arrive via plane (Alaska Airlines flies in several times daily), ferry or cruise ship to experience the rich Native culture, Russian history and beauty of the Sitka area. Many landmarks and artifacts from the Russian occupation of the area still exist today, while opportunities to view and experience Native art and culture are numerous. Parks, totem poles, Tlingit and Russian dancers, plus the Sitka Summer Music Festival are only a few of the varied opportunities for visitors to enjoy. We offer the best salmon and seafood any where in the world. If you are looking for the best catfish in Nashville we have you covered their as well!

In addition to local hotels and motels, Sitka has numerous Bed and Breakfasts. The hotels and motels are all centrally located in or on the outskirts of downtown, while the B&Bs are found throughout the city. For those looking for a more rugged adventure in Southeast Alaska, US Forest Service cabins are available on a number of lakes and saltwater locations. You may make your reservations for those cabins directly at the National Recreation Service.

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Southeast Alaska is the Crown Jewel of the state. Covered in snowcapped mountains and lush rainforest, the scenery alone attracts travelers from all over the world. Mountain lakes and streams hold innumerable trout, and the coastal waters offer some of the finest salmon fishing available.

Sitka is believed by many to be the most beautiful area in Southeast Alaska. With several fish-filled lakes, rivers and streams along its 15-mile road system and seemingly unlimited secluded spots to which one must either fly, hike, or travel by boat, Sitka is a great place to visit with your fly rod. Below is a map showing the rivers, lakes and coastal areas where fishing is available. Those areas marked in red offer the greatest fishing opportunities. Fly fishing in Sitka is nearly a year-around activity. From March through November fly fishers can wet a line for different species of fish. March is when the herring return to Sitka Sound and along with them come the Dolly Varden who have wintered in the lakes and fallen out into the rivers and then into salt water. They voraciously feed on the salmon fry as they make their way from fresh to salt water. Steelhead return to their rivers in April and May and make for an outstanding fishery. Sitkoh Creek, Eva Creek and others, are just a couple of the better Steelhead runs in the Sitka area. Many rivers have smaller runs and help to provide numerous locations to fish for the "steelies". Cutthroat and rainbows share the same waters as the steelhead and can often be fished while the steelhead are living up to their elusive reputation. 

Sitka, with its numerous lakes, creeks and saltwater, boasts some of the finest fresh and saltwater fishing available.

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Named after Russian fur trader Alexander Baranof, this island hosts 24 trout lakes and numerous rivers and creeks. Access to most fishing locations is by float plane or boat only, making a fishing trip a true Alaska wilderness experience.

High mountain lakes provide great fly fishing for rainbows, brook trout, and grayling. Because of the remoteness of many of the lakes, limited fishing pressure is put on the fish and they easily take a fly. Stay at a US Forest Service cabin or bring your own camping gear if you plan to stay for several days.

More and more, people are fly fishing in salt water for all five salmon species, and river and estuary fishing can be a thrilling experience for anyone willing to venture into the waters of Southeast Alaska. Strong runs of Pacific Salmon occur from May through November, depending on species. Kings (Chinooks) are available in saltwater May through August. There are no King Salmon rivers near Sitka but huge numbers enter Sitka Sound every year on their way to their spawning beds. Medevichi Hatchery puts thousands of King Salmon fry into the Sound every year, so the returning run of Kings is superb. Sockeyes (Reds) arrive in early July, but fishing locations are limited. Silvers (Cohos) are found in saltwater in July and peak in August and can be cast to around kelp beds. Pinks (Humpies) arrive in late July and provide abundant fly fishing in intertidal areas along the road system through August. Chums (Dogs) are in salt water June through August and then make their way to their spawning streams through the end of September. Tough, aggressive fish on a fly rod. 

One of the best fisheries, however is the freshwater silver run from late September through November. Often times high winds and stormy seas keep fishers out of the rivers, but when the weather clears, hang on! Great runs and screaming reels make for a wonderful way to close the local fly fishing season. Sitkaa great place to fly fish

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